Responsible and Sustainable

At Imogen Miranda Louise Jewellery we strive to be as sustainable as possible in an industry that is typically not.

All silver and gold used is 100% recycled when bought, and all scrap that cannot be used in house is sent off for refining to be used again.

All stones are responsibly sourced, usually being able to trace them back to the specific mines and cutting houses.

Every granule you see in the jewellery is made in house out of scrap silver and gold, ensuring that as much of the materials bought are used as possible.

Our packaging has been specially sourced to be recycled and recyclable where possible, with our cardboard boxes being FSC certified which means trees are harvested responsibly so there is no net loss of forest over time, and all workers are provided with proper training, adequate safety protocols, and fair wages.

We encourage our customers to reuse the packaging where possible, and recycle where not. The actual jewellery boxes themselves should be used to keep your jewellery in to keep it looking like new for as long as possible.

A note from Imogen

Hello! I'm Imogen, the person behind everything you see here.

I've loved jewellery for as long as I can remember, as seen in this photo where I covered myself in as many pieces of my Farmor's (paternal grandmother) old jewellery as I could find.

I used to make jewellery as a child and sell at my school fairs, and even had a jewellery making birthday party once. Only small beady things, but the spark of making had been ignited.

I was lucky enough to work for a goldsmith during my "year in industry" at university, where she taught me all the basic skills needed to smith my own jewellery. From how to saw straight to how to do complex soldering techniques, I was truly fortunate to have such a generous teacher.

Straight after university I moved back home with my parents, emptied out their garage and bought my first bench.

I now have my own small workshop in my own house in Northamptonshire where I make all the beautiful pieces you see here.